Mesmerist is a boutique production house, specialising in short form narrative and visual art. With a foundation of classical production training, we pride ourselves of bringing scripts and messaging to life with both tried and true techniques, as well as innovative flare. From music videos to online Christmas grottos, we work hard to discover the essence of a project and find creative and beautiful ways to unearth this for future viewers.

We have each brought stories to stage or screen for over 10 years, but only decided to officially join forces in late 2019, dovetailing our skills and creative strengths allowing us to provide our clients with Creative Direction, Art Direction, 360 production, and campaign management.

We are able to supply these services in house, but we also have the support and priority of a wider creative network, allowing us to provide a truly bespoke and flexible service to almost any scale or campaign requirement.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Josy Whittle-Wyeth - Director / DOP / Lead CreativeJody Whittle-Wyeth - Director / DOP / Lead Creative

Jody Whittle-Wyeth

Director / DOP / Lead Creative

Son of an outside broadcast lighting cameraman and soap opera actress, Jody was surrounded by cameras and art and creative encouragement. He attended art collage before undertaking a 2 year BTEC photography course, he then went on to study editorial design, journalism and law in university. He began his career as a Flash designer, building complex interactive web experiences before returning to lens based storytelling, both in fine art photography and video production, directing a number of short films and music videos. Jody has won awards in art photography (London International Creative Competition, for his work with the internationally acclaimed graphic novelist Alan Moore) and cinematography (New Renaissance Film Festival).

When London is free of national lockdowns, Jody performs as a drag-queen piano player in the West End as one of many creative outlets.

Jody’s favourite quote is: “I would rather have a bottle in front of me than have a frontal lobotomy.”  Tom Waits

Suzanne Holland - Producer / Lead CreativeSuzanne Holland - Producer / Lead Creative

Suzanne Holland

Producer / Lead Creative

Suzanne has always loved telling tall tales. Not content with a few pages of the book her classmates were reading, her nightly routine would involve her demanding a bespoke story from the minds of her long-suffering parents.

With all of this creativity, drama school was a natural outlet.

So off she went. After obtaining the correct certificates in Acting and Performance, Suzanne toured the UK in various productions.

She moved to London in 2014 to tie all the loose ends of her years in theatre together, Suzanne graduated from Goldsmiths in 2017. With her creative flair and aptitude for organising the hell out of things, the natural conclusion was to become a producer. Since then she has been working hard to deliver everything from black tie dinners to BT adverts.

When not working, Suzanne enjoys performing spoken word in dark sweaty rooms to hipsters and beatniks.

After working with Jody on a music video and being introduced to James, it made sense that they combine their complementary skill sets and go into business as a trio. Mesmerist was born.

Suzanne’s favourite quote is: “Well behaved women don’t make history.” Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

James Kennett - Print Producer / Print Director / Assistant Production DirectorJames Kennett - Print Producer / Print Director / Assistant Production Director

James Kennett

Print Producer / Print Director / Assistant Production Director

James has worked in the music video industry for over 2 decades, whilst also progressing his career as a graphic designer. He has worked as lead designer on both studio and independent films, in close coloration with the marketing and publicity departments. Occasionally he slides into an acquisition role when he spots an undiscovered gem at the film festivals he attends each year.  He also volunteers his skills to help various charities that he supports.

James’s favourite quote is: “I have built an empire on human sin”, but we don’t hold that against him.


“I found Mesmerist to be efficient, creative, inspirational & astutely lateral thinkers. They were brilliant with my artist throughout the entire process – from concept to edit – and they managed our budget brilliantly. What’s not to like? Film makers extraordinaire.”

Gordon Biggins, Brindle Music

“Unique, cutting edge and a delight to work with. Mesmerist completely understood our needs and delivered with panache.”