Mesmerist film
reel 2021


Mesmerist can support you through every step of your production journey.

We can diagnose what production media would best suit your requirements, lead the creative, put together a robust team and deliver stunning media to meet every one of your needs, be it an abstract music video, engaging corporate campaign, interactive web broadcast, or short-form narrative film. We approach each project with fresh eyes as every one is unique and exciting in its own way.


Josy Whittle-Wyeth - Director / DOP / Lead CreativeJody Whittle-Wyeth - Director / DOP / Lead Creative
Suzanne Holland - Producer / Lead CreativeSuzanne Holland - Producer / Lead Creative
James Kennett - Print Producer / Print Director / Assistant Production DirectorJames Kennett - Print Producer / Print Director / Assistant Production Director



“I found Mesmerist to be efficient, creative, inspirational & astutely lateral thinkers. They were brilliant with my artist throughout the entire process – from concept to edit – and they managed our budget brilliantly. What’s not to like? Film makers extraordinaire.”

Gordon Biggins, Brindle Music

“Unique, cutting edge and a delight to work with. Mesmerist completely understood our needs and delivered with panache.”